Teresa and Aaron Williams

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 26 of 30 Day Blogging

10 Things I am thankful for:

  1. Jesus' death on the cross.
  2. My salvation.
  3. The bible. It is a guide for my life.
  4. My marriage with Aaron.
  5. My church that I attend every Sunday www.occ.org
  6. My family
  7. Aaron's family
  8. Aaron's jobs
  9. My home
  10. My guinie pig GORDO!!

Day 25 of 30 Day Blogging

My purse always has a lot of stuff in it. A lot of the time I have a hard time finding what I need. Right now I believe I have my wallet, keys, paper, receipts, chap sticks, change at the bottom of my purse, lip gloss, batteries for my camera, coupons. There is probably more, but that is all I can think about at the moment. I usually would have also my digital camera, phone and bible in my purse. The larger the purse the more I will cram stuff into it.

Day 24 of 30 Day Blogging

There are a lot of verses in the bible that are so wonderful, but the one that I think about most often is Matthew: 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough troubles of its own."

This verse always comes back to me, because I tend to worry about the smallest things. I do get that from my mother. I need to step back, relax and examine my life. It is easy to try to take control of your own life, and worry about every little thing. I know that I need to learn to trust in Jesus Christ to help me throughout this life. Without Him, I am lost in this world.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 23 of 30 Day Blogging

One thing I crave a lot: CHOCOLATE!!!!

Day 22 of 30 Day Blogging

What makes me different than anyone else?

This question sounds some what easy. After thinking about it, it really isn't. I think the one thing that might make me different then some people is that I was born the same year as my brother who passed away, but are't twins. My brother Brian was born march of 1980, and shortly after he passed away in April my mother got pregnant again. I was born in December. I would of been nine months and thirteen days younger than my brother. Crazy, huh? I wish he was alive, because I would of loved to get to know him. I believe that I will get to meet him some day. He is in Heaven with God looking over me. I love you Brian Poirier. I am sorry your life was taken away from you so early in life. I know you would of been a wonderful brother, and possilbly even my friend. I did not have the pleasure of meeting you. I know that you are missed, and mom and dad do love you.